I’m Worth It


-Colored illustrated sketch of project


-plan and elevation of project


The title of my project is “I’m Worth It”. I wanted to incorporate the importance of restoring the wetlands and the struggles it has in doing so; whether it be natural causes or human causes. There was also the importance of not forgetting the “value” of people getting involved in the projects. I wanted to focus on the many aspects that are in play when it came to the wetlands.It was difficult to incorporate all the aspects that one is looking for this one sculpture but I think I found a simple way to portray the subjects of social inequality and environmental health.

Project Description

One might think that the 23 green colored steel tiles may seem like an obvious color choice making the work seem to symbolize a tree but that isn’t my initial point at all. The shape of the tiles and the work itself, a square, takes more into symbolic meaning of the shape. The square has many meanings but the words that I based the project off were ‘basics’, foundation, community, and stabilizing. In this square community there are many people but only a few voices and many of those voices are heard because these people have the economic power to have a voice. There are more voices that can be and should be heard. This is where the color green comes into play. The square community is not just limited to the city but the world. There are many people but only a few successful projects that are succeeding to make the square all green again. The black steel poles holding the square steel tiles together will be the struggles that are still be faced trying to restore the wetlands. Black was also a choice color that has many meanings but there is a direct meaning that has to do with UWB’s wetlands. (hint: they fly). The tiles will be let free and be able to spin when the wind blows on the tiles. There is growing process and progress to the wetlands and people need to work with nature to keep this process going. The greenhouse is a step to help the restoration and keep the community and students involved in the development. The sculpture has all the elements of what the restoration is meant to do and what it is attempting to achieve. In order to complete the square people need to have an equal amount of responsibility and voice to keep the environment healthy. The two are interrelated and connected to each other.

To describe this piece, I chose the height to be 13.25ft (159inches) so that it is able to be seen on certain areas on campus but close enough to the ground that the details can still be viewed. Also, high enough so catch wind. The tiles and poles holding the the piece together is all made made of stainless steel. The side poles holding it together will be leveled with a concrete block that will be hidden in the ground so the piece is stable. The tiles will be able to spin around on the horizontal poles that are holding the tiles together. These poles will be black in color. Then there will be one green tile that will be put on the Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory.

Artist Statement

The main goal for me in constructing this sculpture was so that it would be visible on campus as well. That is why I chose to put the piece near the North Creek Trail that is across from the Sports Field. This spot is close enough to the Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory and also close to the wetland-viewing platform as well. And the trail leads straight to or from the conservatory. And the students that view the piece from campus will maybe take a second glance at the wetlands and wonder more about the area. When I was describing the piece to some people there were those that wondered why 23 green tiles. That is no reason for the number except that I am 23 years old. I hope the work will bring into light the importance of the wetlands and how the conservatory is suppose to help and that the building has relevance. I kind of knew the relevance of the wetlands but didn’t know much of how it is being harmed naturally like from the crows and beavers but also how the surrounding community was harming the waters going through. There is a purpose to the wetlands and it is worth to put in the effort to save, help, and support the restoration.


-location of project (main spot: near North Creek Trail across from Sports field)
(second spot: one green tile at the Conservatory)

Preliminary Budget

For the piece my attempt would be using mostly all recycled steel excluding the special green steel tiles. Average price of recycled steel comes to about two dollars a pound. The special tiles depending on where it is coming from would have to range from $2000-$4000. The crackproof concrete ranges from $6-$20 per 80lbs. The total amount of material would total up to about $5000. This would depend on where the steel is coming from so this is an average. The rest of the money would go into labor cost of putting together and setting up the piece.


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