broken earth

final design 2 final design


As we look down at the sculpture from a tall building, the sculpture would look like a pie chart.  The idea of this is that pie chart is often used for economic statistic, so the overlook of the sculpture represents the distribution of wealth in the world.  The pillars are in different height and different width, the taller it is, the thinner it is, it means the wealthier it is, the damage would be greater.  The reason why it’s designed in this way is if we pay close attention to the sculpture, we could see the top of the 3 pillars can make a whole circle, but they are separated because it represents the earth is in broken parts due to the environmental damage.  We wish to put them back together, that’s why we are protecting the wetlands and having different greenhouse in different places.  There will be a statement on the sculpture saying: economy growth=/ environmental damage.

Artist statement:

When I look at the outdoor environment around me, and breathe the fresh air throughout my nose, I feel relaxed.  Our planet gives all of the nature gifts to us.  We feel them, we see them, we touch them, and we live with them.  When we look back the old times, even far back to the ancient time, the whole environment was way better and prettier than what it is now.  How much longer can we keep this planet clean and livable?  It all depends on our choice.  When I worked on my piece, I didn’t pay most of the attention on how to just improve the environment but to balance development and the environment at the same time.  I want to represent the relationship between development and the environment by putting them into one piece of work.


I am planning to use cement to make this sculpture, the tallest sculpture is going to be 1.8 meters, the shortest one is 1.2 meters, and the one left is 1.5 meters.  The radius of each column is 1 meter.  The volume is about 7 cubic meter.  The budget for the columns would be around 2400 dollars, labor cost would be around 1600 dollars, and other cost would be around 1000 dollars, so the total budget would be 5000 dollars.


2 responses to “broken earth

  1. I really like the concept behind your sculpture. I like that the tallest piece represents the highest wealth, thus that “group” creates the most damage environmentally. It made me think of the “1%” which is the group of the wealthiest people in the world. If they have the most money, does that mean they have the most influence in sustaining our environment? I’d like to think so, but do they? I guess that questions is irrelevant because change starts with us. Yes, money has influence, and that is why I asked that rhetorical question. The only thing that drew me away from it is that I would only be able to see the broken pieces from above. It would be nice to also have a picture at eye level showing the top of the piece along with you artist statement. I think that would be cool.

  2. I like the concept you made the earth cut like a pie, and you combine the economy development with the environmental problem in a smart way. It’s abstract and creative, which really catches my eye at the first sight.

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