discarded umbrella




The concept of my work is a “discarded umbrella”. Combined with the weather in Seattle with frequent rains, people always use umbrella to shelter raindrop, however, the name of my work means that we can discard the umbrella and use the rainwater instead.

The work locates on the roof of the greenhouse with a four-feet stand, covering the half of the conservatory’s top, about 800 square feet, and has a three-meter long handle. I am going to make the surface of the umbrella with translucent plastic sheeting, whose color is ocean blue. Also, I will put some fish-shaped plastic toys inside the umbrella, which can float in the sculpture when it accumulated rainwater. At the bottom there is a tube connected to the umbrella, transporting water into the tank outside the greenhouse. And from there, people can take water out to irrigate the plants. The volume of tank is about 100mm, which can store most rainwater even in the rainy season.

During the raining, in the umbrella people can see the fish toys floating on the water just like swimming in the ocean. And when they pick up the water, they serve as the porter in the nature, that is the purpose I created my work- to make people a part of nature.


Artist’s statement

The basic concept of my work is sustainable development, which appeals people to recycle more natural resources instead of wasting or splurging them. I created this work on one hand is to give the greenhouse more ornamental; on the other hand, it also saves water for irrigation in the greenhouse to some extent.

As an artist, I think what we should build is not only being creative and aesthetic, but also trying to be more functional, making effort to reducing ecological pressure. This thought drives me to create my work.

My work is a combination of ecology art and pop art, it fits the energy conservation needs of today’s society, and also has playful fish design and vivid color.


2 responses to “discarded umbrella

  1. I like your ideas about the environmental protection. I agree with your energy conservation ideas but I have one questions : if the umbrella is gradient likes your picture, it can’t undertake much water. Overall, your idea is economical and practical, artistic and beneficial to the environment. Great originality!

  2. I like how you create this umbrella to collect rain for reuse, and the cost of this sculpture seems not that high which is a good thing. Also the detail of the creative sculpture is very interesting, such as the fish toys. I think it could also represent the importance of the ocean and lives in the ocean. The only question I have is that, can the water be used in any other ways instead of irrigating water since it’s not filtered?

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