Fate In Hand



The main concept of this sculpture is the environmental health in this community and the world at large. The hands surrounded the plants looks like the fate of the beautiful wetlands predominate in the hands of you and me, and we should protect it. The human form will look at the plants in hands; it means it concentrates on saving the environment. I won’t put any specific face or gender on the sculpture because I want everybody can substitute into it. It should be around 6-foot high (including the base), and about 1 foot width. Basically, the whole sculpture will be made by stainless steel and bronze.


Artist Statement:

I created this work because I want to get people attention and to start protecting the wetland from now and it’s never been too late. After I went to the field trips and I was truly inspired, I found myself started to concern the wetland, and that drives me as an artist to make the work I do. 

My artwork is basically set for the environmental health. I think wetlands are like the earth kidneys, it is beneficial to us. It is on the local environment; the most direct function is ecology. I believe it’s not only to reach the purpose of economic development but also to protect our survival. Wetlands are often difficult to recycling through artificial means. Recycling the existing wetlands were also mostly failed because the local wetland is actually produced through natural adjustment. I hope my artwork can inspire people that start to think of the environmental issues. 





– Stainless Steel 304

– $2 per pound x 2035 = $4,070

– Length: 67 in. x Width: 13 in. x Thickness: 8 in.

– Plants/Grasses $25 each x 10 = $250



– Bronze

– $4 per pound x 360 = $1,440

– Length: 10 in. x Width: 16 in. x Thickness: 8 in.

Grand total: 5,760


Location: The area next to the green house which behinds the Cascadia parking lot.


One response to “Fate In Hand

  1. I like the idea of your sculpture, but i think you need to explore the idea deeper. There’s a lot of sculptures in the public use human shape to explore some meanings. Maybe you can look at them and make a little change of your sculpture?

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