“Leaf” the Life




Name of the sculpture: “Leaf” the life


This will be a leaf shaped sculpture made by toughened glass with 3 different parts on it that connected by the leaf stolon. I will use the bumpy shape of the glass to represent the images of these three parts, which remain ocean (top right), forest (bottom right), and the wetlands (left). They are the three parts of the ecology environment of our world and all of them are really important to our environment. The reasons I choose make this sculpture leaf shaped because I want to use leaf to represent lives. All the species in the world, including human, have to rely on these three parts.

Finally, there will be a water bump placed inside of the stand (painted like earth) of the sculpture. The water bump will bump water to through the leaf’s stolon to the leaf. When the water gets to the leaf top, there will be a hole that letting the water drop into the stand again. This idea represent the ocean, wetland and the forest are giving us the important things to our life, and the earth (stand) would collect them. It’s the cycle of the world’s ecosystem.


Top (Glass): around 6500

Stand (concrete): 190

Water bump: 400


Artist’s statement:

My artwork is basically based on the connection of our environment and the social equality. I love to be being in the nature and enjoy the beautiful things that the nature gives us. Every time I’m enjoying the nature environment, and it will also mention me that human development is actually destroying our world at the same time. Therefore, I want to use my arts to rouse people to face the problem that we are bringing to our environment and how serious it is.


4 responses to ““Leaf” the Life

  1. Your work is really creative and intelligent. I like the idea that they engage with each other, yet I think it might be a little too big. What do you think?

  2. I really enjoyed looking at the details of your drawing and what it represented. I thought the shape of the structure was beautiful. The smooth outer-lining allowing the flow of the water from the water pump made me picture in my mind a place of tranquility and peace.

  3. I like the elegance of the piece. It is creative and I am a fan of art that includes water so that attracted me right away. My question would be, how much energy would this require, and if the pump is on 24/7 is that going to put your project over budget? Or I guess, who would pay for that? Just some thoughts.

  4. Interesting idea, the drawing of the creative sculpture is very nice too. I like the idea of the three parts represent different things on the leaf. Ocean, Forest, and wetlands are the gifts that our planet give to us, they helped to refresh the air and provide things we need for living. My question would be, instead of putting water into the stand for bumping, what about collecting rain fall for doing it? I think it would be more “natural”. Overall your idea of the sculpture is very creative and interesting to read, the cost is fair for this size of a sculpture.

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