Concept Statement

This is a toughened glass sculpture with a concrete base. The maximum altitude is 2 meter (6.56 feet), and the base is 5 meter (16.4 feet)*0.4 meter (1.31 feet) * 2 meter (6.56 feet). The main part is two moving forward feet which made by toughened glass. The forward foot is 1.2 meter (3.94 feet) high and filled with soil and plants. The rear foot is 1.6 meter (5.25 feet) high and filled with water and sludge. The rear foot has a net cover on the top. Both feet adhere to the base to keep balance. The location is in front of the green house.

The main material of the sculpture is toughened glass, and the base is concrete. The other materials include soil, plants, water and net cover.

The inside of the sculpture keep the natural conditions and does not need clean. The rear foot uses the net cover to bar the sundries, and the water line could change with the amount of precipitation. The net cover could be removed if this foot needs refloat something.

The main concept of this sculpture is awakening the awareness of protecting the wetland ecosystem. The soil, plants and water symbolize the main subjects of wetland, and the feet filled with them means the relationship of human and nature. The forward movement of the feet means the development of people, and the nature is the base of development and will affect our sustainable development. The movement also means that let us take immediate environmental activities.

Artist’s statement

       With the development of the whole world, environment problems are becoming more and more serious. My motherland, China, has rapid development, but also has to face the environmental problems, such as overcut, water pollution and air pollution. There isn’t any nature land in any modern city of China besides created parks. I remembered when I was 3 years old I visited a wetland near my house with my parents but now I couldn’t finger out its location because many tail buildings have already replaced wetlands and farm lands in my city. I know the convenience of modern life, but over construction have affected the sustainability of our environment. The ecological balance is changing, and it will even cause a great threat to human’s existence.

The “movement” wants to convey the environmental protection and the significance of nature. It can’t change our damaged environment, but may awaken some people’s awareness to not only demand benefits from the earth but also protect our living environment. The environmental activities can be petty things, but if we take actions right now, we can change our future.



Toughened glass ————————-————————–——2000

Concrete ——————————————————————-800

Others —————–——————————————————100

Labor costs——————————————————————1500



3 responses to “Movement

  1. When I first saw the feet drawing, I immediately thought about the soil, ground and earth. How we are connected to nature through our feet. We walk on the earth every day from the first breath, connected to the mother earth. I feel like the ground is our foundation. We can’t exist without connection to the nature. Where we came from and where we are eventually going back to.
    It is so simple, but brilliant! Great job!

  2. pretty good work! I like the moving step, which means going forward. And it will looks pretty when you see the plants through the glass, simple is the best!

  3. I love this project! I think its a really cool project, and makes you really think about movement. It would be really cool to see this in a field.

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