Natural Balance and WuXing




My artwork can basically divided with two parts:Fountains and stone base. The stone base has a circle shape with 7 meters (22.9 ft) radius. There are five circle pools which have 0.75 meters (2.5 ft) around the side of the circle stone base. Also, the center of these five circle pools are on the edge of the big stone base, and each pool has a small fountain in them. On the edge of the stone base, each circle pools was connected by an arrow which is pointing in clockwise. The outside of each pools were painted by five different colors with are yellow, blue, brown, red and green. There is a pentagram which consisted by 5 arrows inside of the circle stone base, and each arrow is connecting two fountain pools which are non-neighboring of each other. Here is another bigger circle fountain pools on the center of the pentagram which has a 1.5 meters ( 4.9 ft) radius.




There are 5 circle buttons (12 cm / 4.5 inch) inside of the triangles of the pentagram. Beside of the central fountain (3.5 meter / 11.5 ft tall), other five smaller fountain are adjustable. When people push the buttons, the corresponding fountain (which is closest to the button) will increase its higher level. At the same time, another fountains which pointed by the “corresponding fountain” will decrease ( The arrows which consist the pentagram. ). There only 3 different high level for these smaller fountains, level 1 (0 meter/ 0 ft); level 2 (1 meter / 3.3 ft); level 3 (2 meter/ 6.5 ft).



The fountain has two status: balancing and unbalancing. And it is always start with the balancing status when the power is turned on.

Balancing status: All of the small fountain stay in level2; center big fountain will turned on automatically when it meets balancing status.

Unbalancing status: All of the small fountain are not having the same level; center big fountain will turned off automatically when it meets unbalancing status.



The location is near the road entrance of green house where across form the CCC parking lot.




For this artwork, I was inspired by our filed trip in Bothell wetland. I heard that it is a kind of man-made wetland based on the nature resources, and people are try to recover the ecosystem in wetland. For the nature and ecosystem, the balance is most important concept that we need to know, and balance is a stable status that how our nature operate itself.

In china, the Chinese ancestor had summarized the balance concept which they learned from the nature long time ago. We call this Wu Xing, also known as the Five Elements. The “Five elements” are Metal(金jin), Water(水shui), Wood(木mu), Fire(火huo), Earth(土tu). This order of presentation is known as the “mutual generation” For example, Metal enriches Water (as in water with minerals is more beneficial to the body than pure water); Water nourishes Wood; Wood feeds Fire; Fire creates Earth (ash); Earth bears Metal. However, they are also mutual overcoming by each other. For example, Metal chops Wood; Water extinguishes Fire; Wood parts Earth; Fire melts Metal; Earth dams (absorb water).

When we make one elements stronger, there must be another elements becoming weak. And that is how my artwork—“Natural Balance and WuXing” work.





Marble————————-400* 10/ft————————–4000

Stone ——————————————————————-500

Fountain—————–10*6 + 50*5+80*1———————390

Acrylic paint———————————————————–100

Labor costs————————————————————1500


Control system——————————————————-400


2 responses to “Natural Balance and WuXing

  1. I really like your concept that how you combine the buttons with Chinese traditional theory- the balance of yin and yang, which also meets the idea of maintaining the ecological balance.

  2. I think the idea of the sculpture is kind of cool. It’s really eyes catching. I like how you use the five elements to show the balancing of our world. Yet as the pictures you showed above, I’m wondering are the costs will be over budget? I think you might want to recalculate the costs of those fountains and the installation?

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