Pierced Regeneration

Pierced Regeneration

By Emily Rivera





Project Proposal

For the wetlands, I wish to create a piece which represents the beneficial effects the wetlands have on our planet.  I will place a tree trunk which has already fallen down from beaver damage in the wetlands at an angle and it will be piercing the ozone layer, while the Earth remains intact.    The structure will be held up by underground concrete and the earth and ozone layer will be casted from acrylic.  There is damage done to the wetlands by beavers, but they play a key role in maintaining the ecosystem within the wetlands.  This damage is necessary to save our planet.  By piercing through the ozone layer of the Earth but saving the planet, the wetlands are directly affecting the health of our planet.  Not only is the tree in the ozone, but the tree holds the planet up and the planet is directly related to the tree in this space. 


Artist Statement

The wetlands restoration project is something which has been a huge undertaking for those involved in the work.  The effects on the environment are well worth the effort, and hopefully wetland restorations can begin taking place in more areas across the country and even the world.  I created this work to bring more attention to the restoration and provoke thought in those who may be passing through.  I did not realize the environmental significance of the wetland restoration until I began this project, and I would like to get other people in the area to begin to pay more attention to this transformation and its importance to the environment.

Throughout this class I have been examining public art and interpreting different pieces across the world.  The pieces which have inspired me the most are the ones with meaning.  I enjoy the aesthetic of public art…but want it to provoke thought, conversation, elicit motivation.  Art is a medium which can withstand generational and social differences, allowing people to come together for a greater good.  My hope is that the art will enhance the wetlands restoration and remind those passing by that efforts to sustain our planet require community effort and each person on an individual level has power to affect change.



Preliminary Budget: 



5 gallons Eco Wood Treatment


Clear Casting Resin (12)


Rapid Set 60lb Concrete Mix (2)


Chroma Chromacryl Non Toxic Acrylic Paint ½ gallon blue & ½ gallon green


Total Approximate Materials Cost


*Additional money will be used for fabrication, but will not exceed project limit






3 responses to “Pierced Regeneration

  1. This project is very thoughtful. The rhetorical nature and subsequent outcome of your beavers and the ozone layer precisely represent the coefficient relationship between animals and mother earth. Also, I appreciate your cost conscientious plan, which respects nature and our dwindling resources. Well done!

  2. I love how this project turned out. Its awesome that you were able to incorporate the animals in the wetland, like the beaver, into your project.

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