“Renaissance of Late”

Project Description:

I have planned a “biologically ornate” footbridge structure that incorporates a Brunelleschi inspired central dome, supported buy boulders found on campus.  The railings, walls and dome ceiling volume will be composed of DNA helix inspired steel sculpture, interconnecting with all portions of the work.

The bridge will serve as a short detour to daily passersby on the wetlands trail, and will cross the retaining pond located by the athletic fields (opposite the conservatory).

I envision the structure standing from within the pond, with the floor materials slotted for the viewer to look underfoot at the stones below.  Four steel rods will support the structure on the placed boulders, with two to four additional supports within for the dome structure.  Each support will be adorned with augmented and interconnected helices, which ultimately join with the rest of the structures genetic-art embellishments.

The dome will be open air, allowing water and light to pass through points and illuminate the sculpture within.

The internal dome will hold a three dimensional representation of a cells nucleus, containing flowing double helices, histone bodies, and RNA that have had the nucleotide bases represented with attached ground glass of appropriate color (4 or 5 colors).  The viewer will not have an unobstructed view of the glass from outside the structure, and would discover its intricacy once standing inside and looking up as light plays with the colors reflective metal backbone.

The dome internal base decoration will be plasma cut stainless steel sheet, bearing the da Vinci quote “Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.”  The steel sheet will be bent to encircle the interior base, and connected to one another to appear as a solid ring of flat, polished metal.  This ring will also serve as a sectional water feature, allowing manually pumped water from below to drip in a consistent raindrop size from the non-pedestrian sides of the dome base.  The water would also be directed from the sprinkler system already installed at the location.

The proposed structure will be constructed of stainless steel, and polished to draw the viewer toward a “bright” area.  This will require hex bar, round bar, and stainless sheet.  The internal sculpture may be aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the total support properties of the dome.

Artist Statement:

I have long been fascinated by art, science, and their relationship to one another.  I feel that as a population of organisms, we humans expand and consume in waves marked by significant advancement.  I am inspired by the thinkers of the past, those who usher in change and supported independent thought.  My aim is to illustrate the relationship between all forms of life; the miniscule with the grand, the breathing and talking with the infectious and dangerous.

In the design of this work I want to illustrate the beauty and substance of what truly connects us with the Earth we walk: our genes.  The now rudimentary principles of our genetics were only discovered in the last century, and have given root to a massive biotechnology movement in the Pacific Northwest.

My abroad study in Florence Italy in 2004 gave me the vision for this piece.  I ate lunch every day on a two-seat balcony in the Piazza del Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral.

This bridge and dome pay homage to the re-birth, while exploring the nuances of biochemical research advances (amongst others) which, I believe, have ushered in another age of discovery.  Discovery that taught us about our impact on the rest of life, and most importantly the steps we can take to repair the negative.  Steps like the restoration of the wetlands here at UW Bothell.

I want the onlooker to see a thing of bright beauty, to walk to and step inside it, and be held in limbo between water and rocks below and the molecules of life above and around.  I want the visitor to touch, feel, and participate within the sculpture to provoke thought about what we create and what we destroy or displace.

20140314_095603 20140314_095550 20140314_095744 20140314_095613 20140314_095646

Cost Projection:

Total Cost: $14772.28

Material Size (in) Cost Quantity Total
Stainless Sheet .029x12x24 10.29 40 411.60
Stainless Rod 1.5Dx72 105.78 8 846.24
Stainless Rod .25Dx72 7.01 20 140.20
Stainless Hex 1.5Dx48 103.60 20 2072.00
Structural Steel “I” beam

(3.00″ x .170″ web x 2.33″)

X 20ft

133.20 6 799.20
      Steel Total $4269.28
Material Size (in) Cost Quantity Total
Glass Bead .5-1 50.00 4-5 250.00
Water Pump 300ft well pressure 3953.00 1 3953.00
Pump house   300.00 1 300.00
Construction Supplies   EST.   2000.00
Labor   25.00/hr 100 hr 2500.00
Maintenance & Cleaning   150/year 10 1500.00
      Misc Total 10503.00

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