Sight Into The Wetlands

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The Sara Simmonds Green Conservatory and Wetlands are a large part of the University of Washington Bothell campus, and play an active role in teaching students about nature. But the wetlands can also show and teach the public about the relationships between nature and other factors. In the call to artists it was asked that a piece be created to show the “relationship between social equality, social beliefs and environmental health”.  The piece proposed is one that aims to show the many differences between each person, and how those views affect their outlooks on nature.

The piece is a series that consists of 5 eye shaped oval piece. They are varying colors; red, blue, yellow, green, purple. They are transparent, allowing light flow through them. They are about 6 inches wide each, and have a concave shape that could be described as a lens. They are based on concrete bases, and located at various point around the conservatory, facing different area.

Artists Statement

The idea of the rose colored glasses is always one that has been interesting to me. I like the ideas that I brings, and wanted to do something based off of this in the wetlands. This is what brought me to the idea of many colored eyes looking out into the wetlands. Each color represents differences in people. Through this piece, I hope that people can be reminded that everyone has their own background and story. The installation that I would like to create displays this through the many possible ways for light to flow through the eyes, based on many environmental factors of weather, time of day, and season.  effect the different views and backgrounds of the individuals. I hope that through this, a viewer may be reminded that it is important to be accepting of everyone, and that everyone has their own individual story to tell.


Clear and Colored Acrylic



Item Quantity Cost Per Unit Total Cost
Eagle 5 gal. Masononry and Concrete water and salt repellant




SAKRETE 80lb grey concrete mix




Scrap wood for creating concrete molds     Approx. 50
Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet (1 square foot) or Colored


approx 75








2 responses to “Sight Into The Wetlands

  1. I, too, like the idea of rose colored glasses. It is so true that someone’s perspective changes a situation. We all come with different experiences and views, but I feel we can all relate to each other on some level and we can come together to help the environment no matter what our backgrounds are. I think your piece does a nice job showing the differences in others and how our views shape our actions. Good job.

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