The University of Washington & The Wetlands “W”

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my project “W” is the concept of creation in harmony with nature. By working together we will represent social equality through our diverse student & faculty team. We will prove creating beautiful inspiring art while respecting the environment’s health is possible without harming the environment and spending vast sums of money. Our UW Wetlands “W” will be completely self-sufficient utilizing only resources available in the Wetlands and through UW donations. This project will be sustainable through UW student & faculty effort. “W” will require ongoing care and maintenance and may evolve in time with additions. Instead of creating a cold costly object-we will create life!



The concept will be derived from three seeds of a Western Red Cedar tree located in the Wetlands.  We will position the trees in precise locations, so that the shape of a W can be seen through the gaps between the top of the trees. Ideally, we would also want sunlight to beam through the gaps and form a W near the Sarah Simmons conservatory. There will also be three stone hedges. We will carve the names of the contributors on one. The Artist statements on another and the materials used with project details on the last one. We will carve all this into the stones.



We will position the trees on the corner of the Main UW/Cascadia entrance. The stone hedges will be located in three opposite sides; one facing Cascadia, another the main road and the last facing the conservatory.


The circumference of 3 large Western Red Cedars. The trees will be roughly 20-30 feet apart parallel of each other, while the stone hedges will be 4×2 feet at the outer edges of the entire area of the project. The entire area will be the current empty lot at the main entrance corner, so from one tree’s end to another it will be roughly 100′. We will need help from student engineers and architects to plan the size.


Wetlands Western Red Cedar seeds and stones all gathered from the Wetlands. The goal will be to create the entire project using only limited materials from the Wetlands.


Since everything can be found in the Wetlands we will not need money. Our only true cost is time and possibly offering students credit for their volunteer work. We can include maintenance of this project within courses already focused on the Wetlands like BISIA 483.


One response to “The University of Washington & The Wetlands “W”

  1. I really like the concept of this project. I do have a question though about if you would have some sort of piece to show a W during the time that it takes the tree’s to grow?

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