Will Do


WTY_Primary idea

Primary idea for this project was a sponge, since the function of a wetland is same as a sponge. Its function is to soak-in water; turn chemicals into another form to provide other functions.  There will be plants that are yellow color inside a big rectangle, and historical photos of the restoration of the Northcreek wetland will be on the concrete made sidewalls. However, considering safety, accessibility, and plants diversity, the idea has been altered a little bit.


WTY_Plane & Elevation

In order to raise people awareness of how we use the resources, a human hand will be added into the artwork. A green color ribbon will be ‘tied’ on the human hand while it holding a sponge, as it’s squeezing water from the sponge. Underneath is a bucket with a standing water drop on top of it; a quote will be engraved around the water drop.

WTY_Sculpture location

The name of this sculpture is ‘Will Do’, I want people to play with this two words. Reading it with a question mark will be a question, reading it with a period is a promise, and reading it separately is what’s people’s will and what people do.

Artist Statement

WTY_mark twain quote
(Image Source: http://universalfreepress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Mark-Twain-1.jpg)

I was born in a big city-Hong Kong, I assumed all basic human needs would be satisfied easily. As I grow up, I realized how lucky I was. People out there in the world might not have enough food to eat or clean water to drink while people who lived in the city waste tons of food a day. I like to be inspired by others to rethink my wants and needs, this always help me make decisions. Although I cannot make big changes to help others, at least I want to make small changes to make my life more meaningful, and I also want to inspire people too. I believe we should live on the earth as we are a big family for the whole world.


Item Unit  Price Subtotal Notes
Concrete Mix(80 lb.) 23.5  $3.75 88.125 A tube for the hand (outer diameter 2ft*Inner diameter 1ft*height 6ft)
Concrete Mix(80 lb.) 9.97  $3.75 37.3875 A rectangle for the sponge (length 3ft*width 2ft*thickness 1ft)
Sublimation printing stone 7  $5.00 35 Photo stones to be insert into concrete (size varies)
Concrete Mix(80 lb.) 0.229  $3.75 0.85875 For the waterdrop( D 0.5*H 0.7)
Concrete Mix(80 lb.) 1  $3.75 3.75 For the tin bucket
Concrete Mix(80 lb.) 59.9  $3.75 224.625 For the stand(L 6ft*W 3ft*H 2ft)
Tin Bucket 1  $3.59 3.59 Tin Bucket
Concrete Paint(8 oz) 1  $58.95 58.95 Jade Interior (Green)
Concrete Paint(8 oz) 1  $58.95 58.95 Sunstone (Yellow)
Concrete Paint(8 oz) 1  $58.95 58.95 Montana (Blue)
Concrete Stain(1 gal.) 1  $32.03 32.03 Adobe (Skin color)
Labor for installation 10 $25 250 Installing different pieces
Labor for installation 6 $25 150 Installing final piece onsite
GRAND TOTAL  $1,002.22

4 responses to “Will Do

  1. Its a very interesting idea and inspiring!!!

  2. I like your idea about using a sponge to awaken saving resources. You have a deep consideration on you idea and a clear budget which correct to to cent. I agree with you sentence of “we should live on the earth as we are a big family for the whole world”.

  3. Interesting planning!

  4. Well, It’s actually a really good idea, especially for nowadays many people are lack of the awareness of how we use the resources.
    Many of the resources are reaching the peak or even beyond the capacity that it could afford.
    If there are more people can be inspired, every little change can be a big change!

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