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Kidney Sensation


Project description:

Using recycled steel to create this piece makes it eco-friendly. The kidney shaped steel sculpture will stand about 4 ½ feet tall. It will feature a 1/2 inch thick, 2 ½ feet wide recycled stainless steel that curves into the shape of a kidney bean. The top of the kidney will have a 1X1 opening at the center top where rainfall can enter it thus creating the waterfall. A 4 ½ foot long and about 1 foot wide piece will be welded together to create a non-enclosed “slide” which will catch the falling water from the top of the kidney bringing it down to trickle on the ground. The half enclosed piece will mimic a kidney vessel with the idea that it is “filtering the water” as that’s what kidneys do in the human body, and that is what the wetlands do for the earth. They turn toxic chemicals into non-toxic chemicals. It will be placed on the Westside of the greenhouse on the hill. At the top of North Creek Trail. There is foot, and car traffic on this side of the greenhouse which will be perfect to catch the eye of people and hopefully make them think about the meaning of the kidney and the restoration of the wetlands. The 4 ½ foot kidney waterfall will be anchored down using a cement stabilizer 6 inches deep, 2 ½ feet wide. The kidney will sit on a 2 foot cylinder shaped cement base that will be stained purple.

Artist Statement:

During the course of the quarter I came across an article that explained that the wetlands are like “nature’s kidney”. I researched on my own and confirmed that this was true in that wetlands help eliminate toxic chemicals. The way they do this is by converting toxic chemicals into non-toxic chemicals.  After learning this I was convinced that this would be my sculpture topic. In searching for kidney sculpture ideas I came across a piece by Leslie Whitaker “Kidney Stoned.” Her idea was genius and it inspired me to do similar work. She used stainless recycled steel which is an excellent theme to keep for this project. My idea was to create a kidney using recycled steel as well, however turn it into a natural waterfall. When it rains, and we know we get that often, it will automatically turn into a waterfall which brings forth the concept of natural filtration. The sculpture will be somewhat abstract so for those fortunate days when it doesn’t rain it will stand like a beautiful abstract piece. The natural waterfall idea was brought to light when I went to the Brightwater treatment facility in Snohomish for a class field trip. Cris Bruch created an art piece called the South Branch, North Fork puddles that were created by using pipes. What they do is catch water runoff from the roof which instead of being directed by one boring pipe to the ground he created the multi-directional intertwined pipes that do not flow directly to the ground; instead they create a waterfall that starts about 5 feet off the ground. Lastly I was intrigued to this idea of “nature’s kidney” because I am a Registered Nurse. Being able to tie art, my profession, and nature all in one art piece is pretty amazing.  


I got my quote from Skagit River Steel Burlington, WA. They sell recycled stainless steel at about $1.75 LB. The quote I received for my material would be about $49.00. Given that this material is fairly cheap if I needed additional scraps I wouldn’t be concerned about going over budget of $15,000.00 as for the cement slab that will anchor the sculpture I will be purchasing concrete mix bags of which are relatively inexpensive. I will need about .10 yards each bags is about $5-12.00 for a 60lb bag of concrete. The only things this project will require is time. The pieces will be carefully welding together to create a final master piece. I was researching sustainable staining for the base of my structure. The staining will be bright purple to represent the UW. The best thing about it is that the stain is non-chemical non-reactive, thus adding to the environmental safety aspect of the project. I was not able to get a quote on this piece, however anticipate NorthWest Concrete Enterprises for more information.


Work inspired by



broken earth

final design 2 final design


As we look down at the sculpture from a tall building, the sculpture would look like a pie chart.  The idea of this is that pie chart is often used for economic statistic, so the overlook of the sculpture represents the distribution of wealth in the world.  The pillars are in different height and different width, the taller it is, the thinner it is, it means the wealthier it is, the damage would be greater.  The reason why it’s designed in this way is if we pay close attention to the sculpture, we could see the top of the 3 pillars can make a whole circle, but they are separated because it represents the earth is in broken parts due to the environmental damage.  We wish to put them back together, that’s why we are protecting the wetlands and having different greenhouse in different places.  There will be a statement on the sculpture saying: economy growth=/ environmental damage.

Artist statement:

When I look at the outdoor environment around me, and breathe the fresh air throughout my nose, I feel relaxed.  Our planet gives all of the nature gifts to us.  We feel them, we see them, we touch them, and we live with them.  When we look back the old times, even far back to the ancient time, the whole environment was way better and prettier than what it is now.  How much longer can we keep this planet clean and livable?  It all depends on our choice.  When I worked on my piece, I didn’t pay most of the attention on how to just improve the environment but to balance development and the environment at the same time.  I want to represent the relationship between development and the environment by putting them into one piece of work.


I am planning to use cement to make this sculpture, the tallest sculpture is going to be 1.8 meters, the shortest one is 1.2 meters, and the one left is 1.5 meters.  The radius of each column is 1 meter.  The volume is about 7 cubic meter.  The budget for the columns would be around 2400 dollars, labor cost would be around 1600 dollars, and other cost would be around 1000 dollars, so the total budget would be 5000 dollars.

discarded umbrella




The concept of my work is a “discarded umbrella”. Combined with the weather in Seattle with frequent rains, people always use umbrella to shelter raindrop, however, the name of my work means that we can discard the umbrella and use the rainwater instead.

The work locates on the roof of the greenhouse with a four-feet stand, covering the half of the conservatory’s top, about 800 square feet, and has a three-meter long handle. I am going to make the surface of the umbrella with translucent plastic sheeting, whose color is ocean blue. Also, I will put some fish-shaped plastic toys inside the umbrella, which can float in the sculpture when it accumulated rainwater. At the bottom there is a tube connected to the umbrella, transporting water into the tank outside the greenhouse. And from there, people can take water out to irrigate the plants. The volume of tank is about 100mm, which can store most rainwater even in the rainy season.

During the raining, in the umbrella people can see the fish toys floating on the water just like swimming in the ocean. And when they pick up the water, they serve as the porter in the nature, that is the purpose I created my work- to make people a part of nature.


Artist’s statement

The basic concept of my work is sustainable development, which appeals people to recycle more natural resources instead of wasting or splurging them. I created this work on one hand is to give the greenhouse more ornamental; on the other hand, it also saves water for irrigation in the greenhouse to some extent.

As an artist, I think what we should build is not only being creative and aesthetic, but also trying to be more functional, making effort to reducing ecological pressure. This thought drives me to create my work.

My work is a combination of ecology art and pop art, it fits the energy conservation needs of today’s society, and also has playful fish design and vivid color.

Sight Into The Wetlands

photo 1


The Sara Simmonds Green Conservatory and Wetlands are a large part of the University of Washington Bothell campus, and play an active role in teaching students about nature. But the wetlands can also show and teach the public about the relationships between nature and other factors. In the call to artists it was asked that a piece be created to show the “relationship between social equality, social beliefs and environmental health”.  The piece proposed is one that aims to show the many differences between each person, and how those views affect their outlooks on nature.

The piece is a series that consists of 5 eye shaped oval piece. They are varying colors; red, blue, yellow, green, purple. They are transparent, allowing light flow through them. They are about 6 inches wide each, and have a concave shape that could be described as a lens. They are based on concrete bases, and located at various point around the conservatory, facing different area.

Artists Statement

The idea of the rose colored glasses is always one that has been interesting to me. I like the ideas that I brings, and wanted to do something based off of this in the wetlands. This is what brought me to the idea of many colored eyes looking out into the wetlands. Each color represents differences in people. Through this piece, I hope that people can be reminded that everyone has their own background and story. The installation that I would like to create displays this through the many possible ways for light to flow through the eyes, based on many environmental factors of weather, time of day, and season.  effect the different views and backgrounds of the individuals. I hope that through this, a viewer may be reminded that it is important to be accepting of everyone, and that everyone has their own individual story to tell.


Clear and Colored Acrylic



Item Quantity Cost Per Unit Total Cost
Eagle 5 gal. Masononry and Concrete water and salt repellant




SAKRETE 80lb grey concrete mix




Scrap wood for creating concrete molds     Approx. 50
Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet (1 square foot) or Colored


approx 75








Artist Statement The inspiration for my project “W” is the concept of creation in harmony with nature. By working together we will represent social equality through our diverse student & faculty team. We will prove creating beautiful inspiring art while … Continue reading

Fate In Hand



The main concept of this sculpture is the environmental health in this community and the world at large. The hands surrounded the plants looks like the fate of the beautiful wetlands predominate in the hands of you and me, and we should protect it. The human form will look at the plants in hands; it means it concentrates on saving the environment. I won’t put any specific face or gender on the sculpture because I want everybody can substitute into it. It should be around 6-foot high (including the base), and about 1 foot width. Basically, the whole sculpture will be made by stainless steel and bronze.


Artist Statement:

I created this work because I want to get people attention and to start protecting the wetland from now and it’s never been too late. After I went to the field trips and I was truly inspired, I found myself started to concern the wetland, and that drives me as an artist to make the work I do. 

My artwork is basically set for the environmental health. I think wetlands are like the earth kidneys, it is beneficial to us. It is on the local environment; the most direct function is ecology. I believe it’s not only to reach the purpose of economic development but also to protect our survival. Wetlands are often difficult to recycling through artificial means. Recycling the existing wetlands were also mostly failed because the local wetland is actually produced through natural adjustment. I hope my artwork can inspire people that start to think of the environmental issues. 





– Stainless Steel 304

– $2 per pound x 2035 = $4,070

– Length: 67 in. x Width: 13 in. x Thickness: 8 in.

– Plants/Grasses $25 each x 10 = $250



– Bronze

– $4 per pound x 360 = $1,440

– Length: 10 in. x Width: 16 in. x Thickness: 8 in.

Grand total: 5,760


Location: The area next to the green house which behinds the Cascadia parking lot.








Concept Statement

This is a toughened glass sculpture with a concrete base. The maximum altitude is 2 meter (6.56 feet), and the base is 5 meter (16.4 feet)*0.4 meter (1.31 feet) * 2 meter (6.56 feet). The main part is two moving forward feet which made by toughened glass. The forward foot is 1.2 meter (3.94 feet) high and filled with soil and plants. The rear foot is 1.6 meter (5.25 feet) high and filled with water and sludge. The rear foot has a net cover on the top. Both feet adhere to the base to keep balance. The location is in front of the green house.

The main material of the sculpture is toughened glass, and the base is concrete. The other materials include soil, plants, water and net cover.

The inside of the sculpture keep the natural conditions and does not need clean. The rear foot uses the net cover to bar the sundries, and the water line could change with the amount of precipitation. The net cover could be removed if this foot needs refloat something.

The main concept of this sculpture is awakening the awareness of protecting the wetland ecosystem. The soil, plants and water symbolize the main subjects of wetland, and the feet filled with them means the relationship of human and nature. The forward movement of the feet means the development of people, and the nature is the base of development and will affect our sustainable development. The movement also means that let us take immediate environmental activities.

Artist’s statement

       With the development of the whole world, environment problems are becoming more and more serious. My motherland, China, has rapid development, but also has to face the environmental problems, such as overcut, water pollution and air pollution. There isn’t any nature land in any modern city of China besides created parks. I remembered when I was 3 years old I visited a wetland near my house with my parents but now I couldn’t finger out its location because many tail buildings have already replaced wetlands and farm lands in my city. I know the convenience of modern life, but over construction have affected the sustainability of our environment. The ecological balance is changing, and it will even cause a great threat to human’s existence.

The “movement” wants to convey the environmental protection and the significance of nature. It can’t change our damaged environment, but may awaken some people’s awareness to not only demand benefits from the earth but also protect our living environment. The environmental activities can be petty things, but if we take actions right now, we can change our future.



Toughened glass ————————-————————–——2000

Concrete ——————————————————————-800

Others —————–——————————————————100

Labor costs——————————————————————1500