Wetland Sculpture Proposals

Northcreek WetlandsSarah Simonds Green Conservatory/Wetlands Project

This final project focuses on individually Sarah Simonds Green Conservatorydesigned public art proposals for public art to be placed near the North Creek wetland restoration on the grounds of the newly constructed Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory; a greenhouse/conservatory/classroom facility. This is a competitive public art process for a sculpture utilizing the UWB wetland restoration as a means of exploring the connection between social equality and environmental health, not just locally but globally as well.

This project asks students to consider our impact (destructive, reconstructive), on the environment and how an individual or a group can make a difference. We research the wetlands through lectures, readings and a guided tour of the wetlands during class. Students then find a personally relevant conceptual expression based upon their research. This project asks the questions: How can we impact social change through artwork? How can we begin conversations that lead to significant change? How does change begin and can one small act lead to widespread changes in our thoughts and actions?
This project represents a culmination of the knowledge acquired through this course and these will be publicly viewed in a presentation on campus and on this webpage.

Here is the full description of the project that the students were given.  Call for Artists_ Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory

Please browse through the proposals and feel free to post questions or comments.



The Commitment Bell


Kidney Sensation

Renaissance of Late

Sight into the Wetlands

Natural Balance and WuXing

Pierced Regeneration

The University of Washington and the Wetland “W”

Broken Earth

“Leaf” the Life

I’m Worth It

Will Do

Fate in Hand

Broken Earth


The Seat



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