Wetland Poster Project

This project requires students to collaborate on a poster which serves three functions:

  1. To improve learning through collaboration.  The social/environmental issues being  explored in this course will require a collaborative approach to solve, so it is only natural to encourage partnerships to broaden student research.
    2. to facilitate a wider range of concepts for the final wetland projects.   As powerful as our  initial conceptual ideas may seem,  the first several ideas arrived upon have likely also occur to others. By collaborating, students quickly learn to identify which ideas  are fairly common and which are truly unique.
    3. to advertise for student final presentations (poster session) on campus. This poster will function to draw faculty, staff and students to attend a public presentation of their projects accompanied by this site.

Below are the students posters for this project.  Please feel free to post questions and comments.

Cultivating Social Change Through Art

Conservatory at Night

Sprouting Social Change Through Art (1)

Sprouting Social Change Through Art (2)

Inspiring Social Change Through Art

The Tree


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